Our Bands

The Bands  - Rakkasah East 2018
Friday 8:15pm - 9pm - Anka Kusu
Saturday 3:16pm - 4pm - Anka Kusu
Saturday 8:16pm - 9pm - Efendi
Sunday 1:16pm - 2pm - Efendi
Sunday 4:16 - 5pm - Anka Kusu

Anka Kusu

The Anka Kusu Band is a Central NJ based troupe of musicians who offer a unique and refreshing blend of music that has its roots in Israel, Turkey, Armenia, Egypt, The Balkans, Greece, Syria, and other points in the Middle East, all presented with just a touch of an American edge.  This sound that evokes images of long ago and far away has been part of the local community since their founding in 2008.  The current lineup, who have been working together since 2010, includes Jack Lowry, Thomas Berger and Chuck Eckert, and are sometimes joined by Miriam Berger or Linda Finne as well.

Website: www.AnkaKusu.net

Clips of some of their music can be heard on their CDBaby site: https://store.cdbaby.com/Artist/AnkaKusu

Their full Play List can be found here: http://www.ankakusu.net/play-list


Scott Wilson - Efendi

The son of renowned belly dancer Serena, Scott Wilson grew up immersed in the music of the Middle East. By the time he was a teenager, Scott was playing his oud in New York City clubs such as The Egyptian Gardens, Port Said, and The Grecian Cave.Scott has performed his music on stages in Egypt, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Mexico, and all over the United States.
When in New York, you can catch Scott’s performances at Belly Dance America and Tagine Moroccan Restaurant. 
Rakkasah East dancers can visit scottwilsonmusician.com to listen to Scott’s full repertoire, and choose tunes to use for their shows.
You can reach him at mellow111@aol.com
Members of the band Efendi for the 2018 Rakkasah East performance include:
Scott Wilson – oud, saz, guitar, bouzouki, and vocals
Casey Bond and Leni Cohen – percussion
Avram Pengas – guitar and vocals

Email: mellow111@aol.com      Web: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/efendi4 Phone: 917-846-3106